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Exactly ... keep the fire burning

light your fire.

put in the kettle, turn on your favorite music, take the flaming vibrator out of the nightstand, pour the tea, and ignite your senses

about the vibrator:

Named after the flame-shaped tip portion, the Fireman provides powerful and concentrated stimulation to the outer clitoris - and transfers that vibration to the labia.

To get the most out of this ergonomically designed toy, place the rounded nose over your clitoris so that the flame shape vibrates against your labia.

Four speeds and two pulsation modes help build excitement.

about tea:

Green tea, with the addition of rose hips, which stimulate blood circulation, acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Perfect for a date with yourself. The infusion is a source of refreshment, stimulation, and well-being.


Love on Fire is famous for its refreshing flavor based on Sencha green tea. The aroma of freshly mown grass and rose petals is crowned with mild bitterness and the taste of wild herbs, which at a lower brewing temperature evolves into a pleasant sweetness.

how to brew

Take one teaspoon of dried fruit and pour 200 ml of water at a temperature of about 80 ° C over it. Give the tea 3-5 minutes alone, then pour the infusion into your favorite cup. Depending on the brewing temperature, the brew will change - the lower the brewing temperature, the milder the flavor will be.

Green tea *

rose petals *



Siberian ginseng

rose oil

* Products from organic, certified crops.