FemTech : Sexual wellness is hot right now!

Sexual wellness is hot right now

especially in the world of femtech


Nowadays, there are apps for just about everything you can think of. And sexual wellness is no exception. There’s been an explosion (no pun intended) of recently launched apps, each one designed to help you get to know your body more intimately. 


You can track your period. You can learn about your anatomy and, more importantly, what turns you on. And other apps are designed to help you strengthen your connection to your partner.


So let’s get down to it.


Here are a few of our favourite apps to get you started.



Forget the shoddy sex education sessions from your school days – the ones where boys learn how to fit a condom on a banana and girls are taught that they’re one shag away from an STD or unwanted pregnancy.

This app promises to change your life. In fact, it’s the sex education you wish you had.


Its expert-led video tutorials feature 100s of practical tips and techniques – all to help boost your sexual confidence – whether it’s your first time, or you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, on your own or with your partner. You can even contact Kama’s sex experts with specific questions.


We recommend these Kama video series:

  • Quick pre-sex exercises
  • Clitoris self-pleasure techniques
  • A guide to blow jobs




The founders of Kindu say it’s designed to help couples communicate and connect with each other. And they’re absolutely right.


Every day, you’re served up a deck, which is essentially up to 10 different erotic and fun scenarios. The idea is you answer yes, maybe or no. Your partner does the same and then you get to see your matches.


If you both say yes, it’s a strong match. If one or both of you say maybe, it’s a match. You can then tell your partner what you’d like to try with a wink. And even log which scenarios you’ve completed.


Here’s just a handful of the scenarios you’ll see…


  • Have sex on a rug in front of a fire
  • Add some whipped cream to oral sex
  • Wear a sexy masquerade mask during sex one evening
  • Control when your partner orgasms
  • Role play as master and slave


At the very least, it reveals what you and your partner are into – and gives you some steamy ideas to try out with or on each other. Purrrrrrrrrrfect.


Get Paired

This app is also designed to help you connect with your partner.

In the free version, you get to answer a question, play a game or take a quiz each day. In the paid-for version, you get access to all the app’s content.



The app will help you learn more about your partner – their likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams, and even the less sexy stuff like how they manage their finances.


You can track your relationship’s progress, use the chat to discuss your answers and – one for the forgetful – use it to remind you of your anniversary.


Gottman Card decks
The Gottman Institute is on a mission – to improve people’s lives through programs that educate, inspire and heal. And this app is no exception.

It features a series of questions around specific themes such as expressing empathy, giving appreciation, and salsa (go check this out!) that promise to help you improve your relationship.


The idea is you go through the card packs and use the content as conversation prompts, to express your needs, or to make plans together. For example…


Sex questions

  • What can I do to help you feel more aroused?
  • If you do not orgasm during intercourse, do you like to use masturbation to reach orgasm?


Expressing needs

  • I need you to be more affectionate with me
  • I need you to cook a meal or order food in one night a week



  • Give your partner a special massage (if you don’t know how, watch a YouTube video or get a book and learn).
  • Find out your partner’s favourite movies and watch them together.



Billed as the #1 destination for women’s health and wellness, the content in this app will help improve intimacy, build self-confidence, and help you connect to your body through guided meditations, therapy-based courses, psycho-sexual education sessions and stories.


We love this app as it helps you to really get in touch with your mind, body and soul to discover and explore your sensuality.  



Featured on Netflix’s The Principles of Pleasure, this app offers a sumptuous world of short, sexy audio stories that spark your imagination. It helps set the mood and enables you to tap into the power of your sensuality.


Simply lie back, press play and be prepared to get wet. If you’re on your own, we recommend you use a vibrator to add some extra play to your moment. Or invite your partner to join you. What’s not to like?



LUB LUB is a growing community of people who want to prioritize their pleasure.

So do let us know if you have a favourite sexual wellness app,